Barangan Jualan Dari Jepun
By: sakura aishaheer

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We have moved to

Please click above URL for all kitchen tools on sale.
However, this fotopages is still valid and we still taking orders.
To buy, please e-mail me

Please click below URL for other biz by assa.

Thank you.

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Hot Items from Japan


Hi there..My name is Aisha. I am staying in Japan with my husband and I am fully housewife.
Since I am in Japan, I would like to take this opportunity to source you items sold in
Japan (even though some are made in China, the quality is up to the Japanese standard).

Here, you can find anything from kitchen cooking tools (mostly), car part,souvenirs and etc.
Some items are rare, limited and could not be found in Malaysia.
So, grab this opportunity to own 'things' from JAPAN ( before I go back to Malaysia for good).

Please email us for any questions.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any booking or order.

YAHOO Japan auction

We are offering new service; buying through Yahoo auction Japan. We will bid the item that you want according to your budget.
Of course, any item that you want or that is rare or do not exist in Malaysia.You name it.
We will try to find and search for you.
Car parts, toys,game,electronic stuff etc..If you are lucky,you can get it at a very cheap price.

In japanese


(1) Registed Airmail ( less than 2kg)
(2) EMS ( Express Mail Service)

Account number: 155015093035

For purchases above than RM150, you can get a free gift from us.

See you and enjoy SHOPPING !!!

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Pelbagai Barang-barang Keperluan Dapur dari Jepun

Terima kasih pada yang membeli..Kalau ada barang2 lain yang nak dipesan, jangan segan-segan ye.

Semua barang adalah BARU. Sila comment atau email kepada untuk sebarang pertanyaan.



1. Takoyaki pan

2. Oil strainer

3. Magnet dan keychain

4. Mug sushi

5. Lunch box for children

6. Bread cutter guide


Aluminium Takoyaki Pan

Stainless Steel Takoyaki Cooking Tools

Dream Land (Egg Sharper)
Element/material -> Polypropylene
Size of commodity -> Main body/diameter 16.8×6.5 Cm

Cherry Egg ( with glass lid)
Everyone can easily fry the omelette and the fried egg of the heart type.
Size -> Φ20.6 ×L37.5×H 7 cm(with glass lid)
Weight -> 820g(with glass lid)

Omelette Frying Pan
Size of commodity -> Main body -- W 14.5 ×D 40.5 ×H 3.5cm
Special Hera -- W 12 ×H 14.5cm
Weight -> Main body: 450g Hera: 20g

Bread Packing
Size -> When setting it W15×D17×H3.5cm.
Weight -> 220g

Flower Pan Cup
Material -> Die: Polypropylene(heatproof temperature: 120 degrees)
Cup: Aluminum(anodized aluminum processing)
Size -> Die and flower type: W12×D10cm round type: W11.5×D10cm
Crown type: W11.5×D10.5cm commonness: H3 cm
Cup : φ8×H4 cm
Weight -> Die flower type: 20g crown type: 18g
Round type: 16g cup (1 piece): ) 16g

Hello Kitty Rice Ball Set
Size -> Rice ball type (Kitty)) W5×D3.5×L12.5cm
Rice ball type (rabbit)) W4.5×D3.5×L13.5cm
Bear 9) Rice ball type (W4.5×D3.5×L13cm
Paste punch W5×D4.5×H3.5cm (Kitty rabbit bear)
Die W6.5×D5×H1cm)
Weight -> Total 134g

My Parlor ( Acuan Agar-agar)
Wieght - 200g

Paste Punch/Nori Puncher (1 set - 3 shape : love, bear, and star shape)
Weight -> 105g

Rice Mould - yellow (1 set - 5 shape)

Rice Mould - orange (1 set - 5 shape)

Smiling Punch 1 (1 set - 3 shape)
Weight -> 300g (total)

Smiling Punch 2 - (1 set - 3 shape)
Weight -> 300g (total)

Cookie Mould ( 1 set - 8 shape) -

Rice Mould (Hello Kitty - 2 set)

Rice Mould ( 3 Shape - hello kitty, rabbit, bear)

Rice Mould ( cube shape )

Breadcutter Guide (L size)

Digital Cooking Scale (1kg)
**white = yellow

Stainless Steel Oil Strainer 1.3 Liter with plate

Stainless Steel Flour Shifter (Size Medium)

Egg Mould (3 shape)

Egg Mould (Rabbit and Bear OR Fish and Car)
**Fish and Car (no stock)

Lunch box 2 decks with belt and chopstick ( blue and pink)

Pembuka kulit limau( luar dan dalam)

Corn Cutter

Rice Mould (burger shape)

Milk Carton Clip

Egg Cutter

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!!! RM6 Shop !!!

RM6 only per item

Tube Squezzer

Tube Squezzer with Milk Carton Clip

Mayonnaise Case1 (Mayonise/chilly sauce)

Mayonnaise Case2

Mayonnaise Case3

Ketchup Bottle1

Ketchup Bottle2 (33ml)

Cooking Case (Furikake Case)

Dish Cup / Food Divider
(Set1 : love, rectangular, triangular) OR
(Set2 : circle, rectangular, triangular ) OR
(Set3: house, car, bear, bird)

Silicon dish Cup

Assorted picks ( 10 pieces for each packet)
Set1 : Sea Animals
Set2 : Jungle Animals
Size: 3cm+4cm

Assorted picks (30 pieces)
Size: 3cm+4cm

Rice Mould1 (Flower and Star Shape)

Rice Mould2 (Triangular Shape - small and big)

Rice Mould3 (Face Shape - bear, girl, boy)

Simple mini-rice ball maker

Nigiri Sushi Mold

Sushi Roll Mold

Slim Sushi Roll Mold

Rice-ball molding tray (spherical)

Egg Molud ( love and star shape)
Cara : Rebus telur ayam terlebih dahulu sehingga masak. Kemudian kupas kulitnya dan masukkan ke dalam kasa-kasa ini. Akhir sekali rendam ke dalam air sejuk dan masukkan ke dalam peti ais.
p/s : Lagi lama, lagi cantik bentuk telur tersebut.

Egg Slicer

Clipper with date

Small fork and spoon for children with sea animal theme.
Nice with bentou (lunch meal)

Brush Teeth Hello Kitty for kids

Mug Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Minnie, Mickey, Smile+hat(1set)
RM6 each.

Glass Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Minnie and Mickey
RM6 for 3 items.

Glass Minnie and Mickey --> RM6 each.

Lunch box Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Mickey and Minnie with belt.
RM6 for each lunch box and RM6 for each belt.

Plate Winnie the Pooh --> RM6
Spoon and folk Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie --> RM6 for each packet.
Hello Kitty Coaster (4 pieces) --> RM6

Mickey and Minnie Bookstand--> RM6 for each item.

Bookstand Hello Kitty --> RM6 each.

Rice Mould triangular shape1 (twin)--> RM6

Rice Mould triangular shape2 (twin) --> RM6

Rice Mould (Burger Shape) --> RM6

Rice Mould (Cylinder shape) --> RM6

For sushi lover. Make your own sushi.
Sushi mould 1set-->RM6

Food divider ( paper cup) --> RM6

Food divider ( paper cup) --> RM6

Food divider ( 1 packet) --> RM6

Plastic food divider (15pieces) --> RM6

Assorted picks (30 pieces) --> RM6
Saiz: 8cm

Love Shape Plate --> RM6 each.

Ramekin 8cm --> RM6

Alas kek / alas pemotong dengan skala --> RM6 each

Silicone Cooking Brush and Polyster Cookign Brush--> RM6 each

Pancake or Egg Guide --> RM6

Silicone handy clip --> RM6

Microwave set -->RM6 each

Doraemon coaster (6 set) --> RM6

Pelapik meja Doraemon.--> RM6
Your kids will love this one.

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Security alarm system, anticrime sticker etc

Security buzzer (Most popular)
RM10 each
Simple,cheap but effective.
Stick at a door. If thief open the door, buzzer will make a loud sound.

Anticrime sticker to confuse the thief.

LED to check got people or not inside the car and point at the place to insert the key at night.
Useful if car has no alarm.
RM8 each

Baby back mirror to check baby/child at the back seat.
RM10 each

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